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Precious Memories Pet Funeral Services

Cremation Urns

Our urns offer final resting places that are special;
they have traits that are unique to the owner
as well as their pets.

Our urn inventory consists of: bronze, brass, pewter, and marble. Many of these can be engraved, making them a special memorial to the beloved pet. 

We also offer wood selections. These urns include hand turned, figurine, box type, and picture urns. The picture urns are available in many varieties, have places for name plates, and most have space for a standard 4x6 picture.

Many of our families wish to keep a small amount of their pet's ashes before they scatter them in a favorite place, bury them at home, or display the remains in a special place. For this we offer token urns...Token urns are very small urns and necklaces that hold a tiny amount of the cremated remains.

You May Contact Us At:
Phone:  336 - 886 - PETS (7387) or
e-mail : preciousmemoriespet@gmail.com 

Selection Room Samples:
(we have more varieties not pictured)

Bronze ~ Brass ~ Marble



Wooden Urns

hand turned                                                   figurine

picture urns

Token Urns


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