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About Us

Precious Memories Pet Funeral Services was established in September of 1999. We are a resource for those families wanting the same dignified afterlife services for their pets that are available to the human side.

At our facility, we have eleven beautiful acres. We currently have five of those acres developed for burial sites, while the remaining six acres is woodland. The wooded part of the cemetery is a habitat for wildlife...deer, rabbits, squirrels, fox, groundhogs, chipmunks, a host of birds, and more.

At Precious Memories, you may choose to have your pet buried at our cemetery, purchase a casket for burial at home, or choose to have your pet cremated. 

When the decision to have a burial is made, families may choose a site close to our gazebo, or perhaps down near the bridge and pond, or another spot somewhere on the manicured lawn. All our grave spaces are tastefully bordered, covered in white marble pebbles, and all pets are memorialized with a granite marker of the family's choosing. Many owners have chosen to erect a "forever light" at their pet's site. These lights shine during the night, and provide a fairy-like atmosphere to the cemetery.

If choosing cremation, families have options too. Families may select a private cremation (the pet's ashes are returned to the family); a variety of urns are available, or elect to have a group cremation (the pet's ashes are then scattered on the cemetery site).

You May Contact Us Several Ways:
At our facility:  336 - 886 - PETS (7387)
Call Tracey: 336 - 420 - 5505

sign at our facility entrance


      the funeral home                                             hearses used for home / vet removals

 gazebo - middle of cemetery


examples of some burial sites


bridge to the island at the pond


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